Rays of the Dawn

A life of health, happiness, peace, and prosperity can be yours!

The Total Health Handbook Rays of the Dawn has been translated into five other languages: Russian, Spanish, French, Greek and Korean. (See Below)ROD-PB

Let the time-tested truths in Rays of the Dawn: Natural Laws of the Body, Mind and Soul be your practical guide. It provides a straightforward, easy-to-follow description of the Natural Laws that govern the body, mind and soul. These laws are forever in operation and form the basis of life itself. Learn them and follow them to build a better life. Just click on the book  for more detail and/ordering information.

Every positive change you make will draw you into greater harmony with Natural Law. As you harmonize with Natural Law you will attract all the good things life has to offer. You will naturally seek those things that are in harmony with your own nature and every aspect of your life will improve � physical, mental and spiritual.

DrFleetDr. Thurman Fleet, the author of Rays of the Dawn, first presented this material in the 1930s. Although our world is a vastly different place today, one thing remains the same: peoples� need for truth. We need the truth of Rays of the Dawn more than ever.

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